Our Team

Steven B.


Steven Braxton opened Braxton Automotive in March of 1998. He chose to open his own shop after working as a Technician and a Service Advisor at a BMW and Volvo dealership. Steve was able to see, first-hand, what customers needed and expected from their service shop. Now he is an ASE Certified Master Technician and does most of his work behind the scenes handling the business aspect of the company. Yet he never misses an opportunity to walk up front and greet our long time customers or introduce himself to our new ones.
Steve is married with twin daughters and a son. He has two dogs, Tucker and Henny, which are just as much part of his family; you may have seen them at the shop (the dogs, not the kids).
When Steve isn’t at work, he enjoys playing the guitar, camping with friends and family and flying remote control airplanes.
While Steve has earned his big office in the back, there are many days Braxton Automotive needs an extra hand and he’s placed up front as a Service Advisor or even back out in the shop tuning up his Master Technician skills.
You probably didn’t know: Steve is from Arlington, VA and he’s an avid Redskins fan.

Chuck B.

Shop Forman

Chuck comes to us from Denton, TX where he was a Service Advisor at Advanced Auto Repair
for 11 years. Before that, Chuck also served our Nation in the Navy for 4 Chuckyears. He moved to Georgia, in April 2012, with his wife and two cats, Rocco and Gracie, to be closer to family.
Chuck’s job consists of keeping our schedule in order, dispatching work to the appropriate Technician and implementing our new quality control program. The Quality Control Program is in place to ensure that all repairs are done in a timely fashion. Chuck is going to ensure customer satisfaction and employee attention to detail.
Chuck finds the daily challenges at Braxton Automotive rewarding and his goal is to learn about the changes in technology that come with every new model year before the car ever sees our shop. His enthusiasm for cars, learning and teaching is contagious and because of this, Braxton
Automotive will be able to offer more specialization focused on your needs. Five years from now, Chuck assures us he will be apart of opening and managing at least two other Braxton Automotive shops. For now, Chuck’s favorite thing about working at Braxton Automotive is getting to know our customers.
You probably didn’t know: “I play the guitar!”


Office Coordiantor

Jessi has been with Braxton Automotive for 8 years. She takes care of things behind the scenes to help keep Braxton Automotive running smoothly.
Jessi went from being a stay-at-home-mom to her 4 children to earning her degree in business and marketing since starting at Braxton. She is continually trying to better herself by attending Continuing Educational classes for adults at the local University and she just recently graduated from one of Dale Carnegie’s courses.
Jessi enjoys working at Braxton Automotive because of “the atmosphere. We work very close for long hours which allows us to bond and get to know one another really well. Steve is an awesome boss who is always recognizing someone for a job well done or just appreciating our daily efforts. A birthday or anniversary doesn’t go by without everyone acknowledging you. Our customer service policy makes it easy to form relationships and deal with any issues knowing that we always put customers first.”
Jessi sees herself at Braxton Automotive for many years to come. With our new Japanese expansion, she has taken on more responsibility and looks forward to all the learning opportunities Braxton Automotive has provided.

Jason B.

Service Manager

Jason has been a Service Advisor at Braxton Automotive for 2 years now. Jason is very outgoing and always cheerful, making it easy for him to get to know our customers and build a connection.
Although Jason can still be considered ‘new’ here at Braxton, he has a long history with vehicles. He can be considered a tire expert with all the years he has sold them. If you have any tire questions what-so-ever, Jason is your go-to Service Advisor.
When Jason is not at Braxton Automotive he enjoys the outdoors. He is either on his boat with his family on Lake Allatoona or fixing up one of his many cars.
Jason is married and has two kids.

Chris B.

Parts Manager

Chris is our Parts Manager. He makes sure we have the most used and needed parts in stock in order to get your vehicle taken care of in a timely manner.
He is also in the Air Force Reserves. He is a C130 Crew Chief, which means he is a general aircraft mechanic. He flies on missions around the country with the other reservists in case the plane may need maintenance or repair.
Chris also likes to play the acoustic guitar. He has been playing for 10 years as a hobby although he used to play in his church.

Quinn M.


We have another apprentice on board our wonderful Braxton team. He comes to us from the restaurant business. After 20 years running different restaurants, Quinn decided it was time for a career change. He actually went to school for motorcycle repair but started working in the food industry instead. He decided his heart was in mechanics so he is here at Braxton to learn from the best. Quinn is currently training under our Technician Kyle, who once was an Apprentice himself.
Quinn is a Certfied Sommelier, or wine steward. He knows his wine and how to pair which wine with what food. He will be a great asset to our potluck holiday meals!
Like most of our employees, Quinn is a big family guy. He is really close to his mother, sister and nephew and enjoys getting together with them as much as possible along with his girlfriend and her two girls.
We look forward to having Quinn on our team and watching him excel in the automotive industry. Like all of our new Apprentices, he will be studying and testing to become ASE certified.

Eric J.


Eric has been a Technician at Braxton Automotive for 9 years. Many of the things Eric does in his free time help and contribute to his leadership and technical skills at work. For example, Eric has volunteered as a Cub Scout Leader with the Boy Scouts of America for the past 9 years. He became Cub Master 6 years ago. Those skills have transformed him into a great leader and advisor to our Technicians and Apprentices. Eric is in charge of training Apprentices and giving them the skills they need to become ASE Certified.
The fact that Braxton Automotive is closed on the weekends allows Eric to spend time doing things he enjoys like fishing, camping and hiking with his 16 and 11 year old sons. His hobbies contribute to his future goals of getting into shape and living a healthy life. Eric also admits that he has a great boss and enjoys watching and being a part of Braxton Automtive’s growth over the years.
You probably didn’t know: “I want to drive a top fuel dragster.”

Vinnie M.


Vinnie, AKA, Vinman, is our go-to Technician. He can and will finish any job you give him. Vinnie is all about work. He’s the 1st one here everyday, sometimes working through lunch, so that he can meet a customer’s requested deadline.
Many of our customers are fond of Vinnie because he exudes care and concern. He may not get to see every customer, but when he does, he says hello and greets you by name.
Although he’s a great Technician, he’s an even better cook. Vinman is always bringing us food he’s cooked over the weekend. Some of his regulars are the Bacon Explosion, Korean Ribs, Pizzeria Chicken and Tequila Lime Wings.
Vinman is also into cars. He has an older model Mitsubishi that he enters in various car shows and has won quite a few trophies and awards. Once he retires here at Braxton, Vinnie plans on living in Costa Rica.
You probably didn’t know: “I want to own a food truck.”

Kyle R.


Kyle started at Braxton as an Apprentice, being trained under one of our long time Technician’s, Eric. After a year and a half and a couple of ASE certifications later, Kyle has advanced to a Technician.
Along with cars, Kyle enjoys camping, cooking, traveling and remodeling things. He is working toward his goals of being an accomplished Technician, buying a house, adding to his savings and maybe even a child for him and his wife.
Although Kyle’s only been here for a short while, he points out that he has great co-workers and he’s enjoying learning as much as he has.
You probably didn’t know: “I’m very friendly and outgoing but would rather be alone.”

Martin M.


Martin joined Braxton Automotive in October of 2011. He was so excited to join us that he started work on his birthday!
Martin comes from a large family of 5 sisters and 4 brothers. Considering there are 13 of us here, sharing tools, knowledge and space; I would say Martin is trying to relive his childhood.
Martin started his career as a musician at the age of 12. He was in a garage band playing at school functions. The band dismembered when one of the moms found out that they got a gig to play at a bar. He then started working at his father’s pool hall at the age of 15. Twenty-seven years ago, Martin decided he wanted to work on cars.
Although he still enjoys playing the drums, he now makes time for martial arts lessons and studying to become a Master Technician.
You probably didn’t know: “I want to own my own shop one day.”



Born and raised in Atlanta as an only child. Ty said he loves the family atmosphere here at Braxton and feels like he’s at home.

Danielle D.

Administrative Assistant

Drew P.


Dylon D.


Anthony P.

Service Advisor

Bobbi W.

Service Advisor

Stetson W.

Service Writer



Jay L.